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1. Lurgi in brief鲁奇公司简介 

Lurgi is a leading technology company operating worldwide in the fields of process engineering and plant contracting.鲁奇公司是一家全球领先的技术型公司,主要从事工艺工程及工程承包。

Based on syngas, hydrogen production and clean conversion technologies for fuels or chemicals Lurgi offers innovative solutions that allow the operation of environmentally compatible plants with clean and energy-efficient production processes.基于合成气、氢气生产及燃料或化学品清洁转化,鲁奇公司提供创新性解决方案,使工厂能够通过清洁并具有能源效率的生产工艺运行,达到环境要求。

Its technological leadership is based on proprietary and exclusively licensed  technologies which aim to convert all carbon energy resources (oil, coal, natural gas, biomass, etc.) in clean products. 鲁奇公司的技术领先地位基于以清洁产品中所有碳能源(石油、煤炭、天然气、生物质)的转化为目标的专业许可转让技术。


Lurgi is a member of the Air Liquide Group鲁奇公司为Air Liquide集团公司的成员公司。



2. Complete Project Execution at the Customer’s Premises在客户场地进行的完整项目实施 

Execution centers around the world allow for a fast and efficient support of our customers in their respective country. For China, we offer:遍布全世界的项目实施中心能够在客户所在国向我们的客户提供快捷、高效的项目支持。对于中国客户,我们提供:


  • local procurement本地采购
  • dedicated product management team专属产品管理团队
  • new Execution Center in Shanghai位于上海的新实施中心


Modern communication structures, fast know-how transfer and the complete services portfolio from engineering through to start-up support secure the success of our projects. 现代化沟通结构、快速的专业技术转让及完整的服务项目,包括从工程设计到启动支持的全过程,确保项目的成功。

Reliable and innovative - We deliver for your success我们为你的成功可靠性及创新性



3. Lurgi CtC Technologies鲁奇公司CtC技术 

Persistently high oil prices, as well as the growing need of the world’s population for energy, liquid fuels and chemicals, trigger the diversification of the primary sources for their production.持续的高油价,以及世界人口对能源、液体燃料及化学品的日益增长的需求,造成能源生产主要原料的多样化。


  • Coal gasification with the Fixed Bed Dry Bottom Gasifier technology is back on stage. A plant for the production of iron ore reduction gas is under execution in India.利用固定床干底气化器技术的煤气化重返舞台。在印度,正在建设一个生产铁矿还原气体的工厂。
  • Two world-class coal based chemical complexes using Lurgi MTP technology are under construction in China.在中国,正在建设两个使用鲁奇公司MTP技术的世界级煤基化学品联合企业。
  • Semi commercial demo plant for the production of FT-Synfuels is in operation in South-Africa with a capacity of up to 1,000 bpd 在南非,生产FT-合成燃料的半商业化示范工厂正在运行,生产能力达到1,000 bpd。



4. Coal to SNG煤制SNG 

SNG (Substitute Natural Gas) is a possible way to convert land-locked coal into a transportable fuel, i.e. methane, a major component of natural gas. It can be used either for power generation or routed to pipelines as an admixture to natural gas. SNG(替代性天然气)是一种可能将内陆煤转化为可运输燃料(即甲烷,天然气的主要成分)的方式。甲烷可以用于发电或混合到天然气中输入管道。


Market drivers:市场驱动因素:

  • Nat. Gas price is volatile while Coal price is more stable and cheaper天然气价格不稳定,煤炭价格更加稳定并且更低廉。
  • Combined Technology: SNG + Gas Turbine (GT) = Hybrid IGCC  组合技术:SNG +燃气涡轮(GT) = 混合IGCC
  • CO2 Capture – Can be as high as 60% to 65% on a Hybrid IGCC   CO2捕集-在混合IGCC上可以达到60%-65%。
  • Advantages vs IGCC (H2 based) – Higher Reliability, Existing GT technology与IGCC (H2基)相比的优势---更高的可靠性,现有GT技术
  • Carbon capture storage ready (CCSR)碳捕集存储就绪(CCSR)



5. Coal to Propylene煤制丙烯

The challenge of coal utilization for chemicals production is answered: Lurgi MegaMethanol®  and MTP® concept opens new routes of land-locked coal monetisation.应对煤炭用于化学品生产的挑战:鲁奇公司MegaMethanol®及MTP®概念开辟了内陆煤货币化流通的新途径。

  • Propylene is a high-demand, high value product. 丙烯是一种高需求、高价值产品。
  • Propylene production from coal via Methanol and MTP can be more economic than conventional processes based on crude oil通过甲醇及MTP从煤炭中生产丙烯比基于原油的传统丙烯生产工艺更加经济。
  • Carbon capture storage ready (CCSR)碳捕获存储就绪(CCSR)
  • Large scale capacities up to 470,000t/y 达到470,000吨/年的大规模生产能力
  • Two flag ship projects under implementation in China在中国正在执行两个旗舰项目。



6. Rectisol低温甲醇洗

Process Highlights:工艺特点:

  • Removal of all impurities and trace contaminants in one single absorption process在一次吸收工艺中清除所有杂质及痕量污染物
  • Ultra-pure product gas: e.g. total sulfur
  • Multi-product application possible in one single unit, e.g. methanol syngas plus ammonia syngas plus hydrogen plus IGCC fuel gas在单一装置中可以进行多个产品应用,例如甲醇合成气加氨合成气加氢气加IGCC燃料气。
  • Acid gas enrichment: a suitable Claus gas can be produced even with a CO2/H2S ratio up to 700 in the raw feed gas酸性气体浓缩:即使在原料气中CO2/H2S比率达到700的情况下,也能够生产适当的克劳斯气体。
  • A pure CO2 product stream, ready for Enhanced Oil Recovery, sequestration or chemical usage can be produced 纯CO2产品流,可用于提高油的回收、螯合作用或生产化学品。
  • Inexpensive, thermally and chemically stable solvent, available worldwide 价格低廉、热及化学稳定性强的溶剂,在全世界都可获得。
  • No degradation, no corrosion, no disposal problems, no exotic metallurgy不存在老化、腐蚀、处理问题,不存在异常冶金。



7. Sulfur Management硫管理

With Omnisulf®, Lurgi offers an economical and environmentally-friendly process suited for world-scale plants to the natural gas processing industry. Unlike the competition processes, Omnisulf® is a concept for the combination of several individual technologies.通过Omnisulf®,鲁奇公司向天然气加工业提供经济并且环境友好的工艺,适合世界级工厂。与竞争工艺不同,Omnisulf®是一个集成几个独立技术的概念。


Advantages of OmniSulf® Integrated Natural Gas Treating Concept Omnisulf®的各种优点与天然气处理概念集成在一起。

  • Single line source responsibility单线来源责任
  • One licensor一个认可证颁发者
  • No interfaces没有各种接口
  • Overall guarantees整体保障


8. Lurgi MegaMethanol®鲁奇公司的MegaMethanol®

Process Highlights for Lurgi MegaMethanol®鲁奇公司MegaMethanol®的工艺特点

  • Oxygen-blown synthesis gas production 吹氧合成气生产
  • Two-step methanol synthesis 两步甲醇合成
  • Hydrogen recovery 氢气回收


Clients’ Benefits from Lurgi MegaMethanol®客户从鲁奇公司MegaMethanol®中获得的好处

  • Optimized reforming: high flexibility in feedstock composition 优化的技术革新:进料成分的高度灵活性
  • High energy efficiency for MeOH synthesis MeOH合成的高能源效率
  • Low capex and opex 低capex及opex
  • Economies of scale with single lines > 2 million t/a单线2百万t/a的规模经济性。


Several large scale MegaMethanol® plants are in operation, further plants using natural gas and coal as feedstock are under execution.几个大型MegaMethanol®工厂正在运行,另外几个使用天然气及煤作为进料的工厂正在建设中。



9. Lurgi MegaDME®鲁奇公司的MegaDME®

Process Highlights工艺特点

  • Simple process - adiabatic fixed bed reactor - low utility requirement工艺简单-隔热固定床反应器-低动力要求
  • High conversion rate - high catalyst load (WHSV)高转化率-高催化剂负载(WHSV)
  • Purities to requirement: 95, 99, 99.5 wt %+纯度要求:95, 99, 99.5 wt %+
  • Stand-alone version accepts stabilized or pure methanol as feedstock独立版本接受稳定或纯甲醇作为进料

Commercialization Highlights商业化特点

  • Readily available as extension of Lurgi MegaMethanol®作为鲁奇公司MegaMethanol®的扩展,可方便地提供。
  • Lowest possible production cost by full integration with Lurgi MegaMethanol®通过与鲁奇公司MegaMethanol®完全集成,实现最低的生产成本。
  • Fuel DME is on the verge of breakthrough: several plants operate in China, more
    are commissioned, planning has started in other regions (ME/India/SEA)DME燃料即将取得突破:在中国有几个工厂正在运行,更多的工厂正在试运行,在其他地区已开始进行规划。


The DME alternative offers  DME替代方案:

  • Very low emission levels非常低的排放水平
  • Clean and efficient fuel for gas turbines用于燃气轮机的清洁、高效燃料
  • Ideal LPG-supplement (improved combustion efficiency)理想的LPG-添加成分(改进的燃烧效率)
  • Excellent alternative diesel fuel (Cetane No. 55–60)良好的替代柴油燃料(十六烷值:55–60)




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