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                          Chapter I  Invitation for Bid


投 标 邀 请 书

Invitation for Bid


(Tender No.: STC-ZK-2011-N002)




The Sino-Kuwait Joint-venture Guangdong Refinery Integration Project is jointly ventured and built by China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and Kuwait Oil Company, with the investment rate of 50% to 50%. The project have been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in the document “Reply on Examination and Approval of Sino-Kuwait Joint-venture Guangdong Refinery Integration Project by the National Development and Reform Commission” (Development and Reform Industry Document No. 352[2011]), and the project owner is the Preparatory Group of the Sino-Kuwait Joint-venture Guangdong Refinery Integration Project. The pre-qualification of the investigation and preliminary design of the Wharf Works in the project has been completed, and the project now has the tender conditions. Entrusted by the tenderer, China Petrochemical Group Tendering Co., Ltd. organizes the tender for the preliminary design stage of the investigation and preliminary design of the above-mentioned project, and now invites the units passing the pre-qualification to participate in the bid


Entrusted by the tenderee, China Petrochemical Corporation Tendering Co., Ltd transacts the details of tender for the engineering on behalf of tenderee.

1 项目概况

1   Introduction of the Project

1.1 工程情况

1.1       Situations of the Project


The Sino-Kuwait Joint-venture Guangdong Refinery Integration Project is composed of the project inside the plant and the project outside the plant, the project inside the plant includes annual refinery of 15000000 tons, annual ethylene of 1000000 tons, as well as storage and transportation, public works and corresponding supporting facilities, and the project outside the plant includes crude oil, refined oil, chemical products and bulk cargo wharf, refined oil pipeline to the Sanlingshan Oil Depot, etc.

1.2 资金来源:建设资金来自银行贷款65.68%,企业自筹34.32%,目前项目资金由中国石化湛江东兴石油化工有限公司代为管理,有关款项通过该公司划转。

1.2       Capital recourses: 65.68% of the construction funds are bank loans, and 34.32% is raised by the enterprise, now the project funds are managed by the China Petrochemical Zhanjiang Dongxiang Petrochemical Company Limited, and the relevant funds shall be transferred by the company.


1.3 工程建设地点:广东省湛江市东海岛。

1.3       Project Instruction Location: on the west side of the wharf of the proposed steel base, on the coastline of the north side of the wharf area of Songhai Island of Zhanjiang Port.

1.4   招标范围和标段划分:

1.4       Tender Scope and Bid-section Division:



Tender Scope: Supervision of sea construction in preparation phase including the construction supervision on revetment, cofferdam, and channel basin dredging and reclamation projects

该项目划分为  一 个标段。

This project is divided into one bid section.

1.5 承包方式:本工程监理费按批准概算相对应的监理费降点结算。

     1.5 Contracting mode: supervision fees of the project are settled according to the corresponding supervision fees dropped point of approved rough calculation; 

1.6 计划工期:

1.6 Planned Construction Period


Construction period: from October 1 2011 to July 31 2012.


1.7       Quality requirements: acceptance specifications of relevant construction and tenderee’s requirements are met.

2         合格投标人:

2  Qualified Bidder:

2.1投标人应当具备建设行政主管部门核发的        工程监理甲级资质的监理单位。

2.1 Bidder shall be a supervision unit which has__________ supervision qualification issued by administrative department of construction.

2.2 近5年内参加过30万吨级原油码头项目监理不少于2个。

2.2 The should participate in not less than 2 project supervisions on the 300,000-ton crude oil terminal in nearly five years.

3        招标文件售价:每套人民币500 元,售后不退。

3     Price of the Tender documents: RMB 500 yuan for each set, which is not returned after sale.

4         购买招标文件时间: 2011年7月5日- 7月8日,每天8:30-11:30,13:00-16:30(北京时间)。购买招标文件地点:北京市朝阳区惠新东街11号紫光发展大厦A座2102室。

4   Purchasing time of tender documents: July 5 2011-July 8, 8:30-11:30, 13:00-16:30 (Beijing Time) for each day. Purchasing place of tender documents: Rm 2102, Unit A of Purple Light Development Building, No. 11 East Huixin Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing


To purchase the tender documents, the original copy of the attorney power from the legal person and the original copy of ID card shall be brought; as well as the copies of enterprise business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, account opening permit; and the information the 12-digit large code of the opening bank shall be provided.


The tenderee shall provide the relevant information including the feasibility study report: the cash pledge of RMB 5000 yuan shall be required to each set and shall be returned back to the bidder after the complete information is returned.

5        现场勘察:招标人不组织现场踏勘。投标人如有必要可自行前往现场考察,投标人发生费用自理。

5   Site Investigation: tenderee will not organize site reconnaissance. If necessary, bidders can conduct site investigation themselves. And the expenses of the bidder shall be charged by himself.

6        投标截止时间:2011年7月28日上午9:00。

6   Bid Deadline: 9:00 a.m. on July 28 2011.


The submission location of the tender documents:

7        开标时间:2011年7月28日上午9:00。

7     Bid Opening Time: 9:00 a.m. on July 28 2011.


Bid Opening Location:

8        本招标项目不接受联合体投标。对未中标的投标人不作经济补偿。

8    The consortium bid is not accepted in the tender. And no economic compensation shall be made to the unsuccessful bidder.

9        请投标人注意:在开标前自己的身份应对其它投标人保密。

9    The bidder shall note: the identity of himself shall be confidential to other bidders before bid opening.

10     招标人:中科合资广东炼化一体化项目筹备组

10  Tenderee: Preparatory Group of the Sino-Kuwait Joint-venture Guangdong Refinery Integration Project

地  址:广东省湛江市赤坎区康顺大道工行大厦12层

Address: 12th Floor, ICB Building, Kangshun Avenue, Chikan District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province

邮  编:524012   

Postal Code: 524012


Contact: Weidong Han

电  话:0759-8210009,13600381020 (8:30 至17:00时,节假日除外)

Tel: 0759-8210009,13600381020 (8:30-17:00, excl. holidays)

传  真:0759-8210011 (8:30 至17:00时,节假日除外)

Fax: 0759-8210011 (8:30-17:00, excl. holidays)


E-mail: hwd8899@126.com


Terderer’s Agency: China Petrochemical Corporation Tendering Co., Ltd

地  址:北京市朝阳区惠新东街11号紫光发展大厦A座2102号

Address: Rm 2102, Unit A of Purple Light Development Building, No. 11 East Huixin Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

邮  编:100029

Postal Code: 100029


Contact: Ling Ma

电  话:010-64823365, 13810521869 (8:30 至17:00时,节假日除外)

Tel: 010-64823365, 13810521869 (8:30-17:00, excl. holidays)

传  真:010-64823799

Fax: 010-64823799


E-mail: sinopectc@163.com



Your company shall give a written reply (fax) within 24 hours after receiving the invitation for bid, if you agree to participate in the bid, please participate in the bidding activities in accordance with the above agreement, and notify the name, title, telephone (fixed and cell telephones), fax and e-mail address of the contact. For the details, see the appendix.





Best wishes



China Petrochemical Corporation Tendering Co., Ltd


July 2011                    






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