Main products and achievements of the Company

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三)      公司主要产品和业绩

(III)  Main products and achievements of the Company


The Company is committed to providing electronic products and related service to demanders of knowledge and information, and its main products include e-books, full-text database, and matching software.

1. 电子书 E-books



The Company, in cooperation with publishing organizations, will produce high quality e-books with copy-right protection from officially published books on paper, and sell them to colleges and public libraries.

Now the Company has a resource pool of 350,000 kinds of copyrighted e-books, and the figure is increasing annually by 100,000 to 150,000 kinds, involving each and every field such as humanities, science, economy, medicine, history, engineering, and etc. Its e-books are available in over 3000 schools and colleges in China and other countries, public libraries, educational metropolitan area networks, governments, enterprises and public institutions, with an annual sale of more than 10 million copies.


2. 中国数字报全文数据库

Chinese full-text e-database


The full-text electronic database is a form of database product developed by the Company, the first of its kind in China. It is a sorted out full-text collection of the papers published, which is stored, managed and complied with indexes, available to organizations and individual users for research. The Company has reached full-text data cooperation agreements with over 250 newspaper offices and over 400 newspapers in China, providing them technological support in full-text database, running the business jointly with them, and sharing the benefits.

3. 中国工具书在线全文数据库

Chinese full-text on-line e-database of reference books


2007年5月底上线的全球第一中文阅读门户——爱读爱看网(www.idoican.com.cn),把拥有的30多万种正版电子书和200多份数字报纸放到网站上,建立了一个数字出版物运营的开放平台。随着互联网出版的兴盛,该平台将在汇聚海量正式出版物内容的基础上,吸引更多的个人出版者直接在线出版各类作品,并提供发行、销售、POD(print on demand)印刷服务。

The world first Chinese reading portal --- www.idoican.com.cn established at the end of May, 2007 has presented the Company’s over 300,000 kinds of copyrighted e-books and over 200 digital newspapers on the website, forming an open business platform for digital publications. With the flourishing online publishing business, this website, while gathering large quantities of official publications, is bound to attract more and more individuals who will have various works published directly online, and the Company will provide services in distribution, sale, and POD (print on demand).

6. 移动阅读

Mobile reading


Mobile reading, a digital data reading platform built by the Company’s proprietary format and copyrighted technologies, suitable for mobile phone and mobile equipment users, provides users with large quantities of digital data. In December 2007, the online trial operation of the Company’s mobile newspapers began, and the Company will come out more and more mobile reading products and services. Considering the great number of mobile users and their eagerness for mobile reading, this business promises a very big potential space of development.  

7. 服务



By maintaining and enhancing Founder’s leading technological edge in the publishing and printing business, the Company provides diverse software product solutions, fully meeting the requirements for technological tools of the different links of the digital publishing industry.

1) 出版社/报社数字化出版解决方案

Digital publishing solutions for publishers and newspapers 

公司为出版社在网络时代提供“数字出版系统”,该系统集网上书店、图www.idoican.com.cn, mobile reading, and etc.

Besides, the Company provides press and publication organizations such as publishers, newspapers and periodicals with comprehensive technological solutions for digital publication and circulation; provides schools, libraries, enterprises, public institutions, research organizations and individual users with e-books and database-related services; provides mobile terminal users with digital content services in terms of books, newspapers, periodicals.  

(二)      销售能力

 (II) Sale capacity



The Company has built a China-wide sales force of 50 people, managed according to the geological locations they are assigned to (North China, East China, South China, Northwest, and Southwest). This sales force is comparatively steady, and the first line business personnel, verse in e-book knowledge, have relatively strong capacity for implementation and expansion.

Currently, the Company adopts the direct sale, attaches importance to keeping good relationship with big clients, and maintains a comparatively steady gross profit rate for product sale.

(三)      公司在行业中的地位

(III) Position of the Company in the business


The digital publishing technology independently developed by the Company, and the printing and publishing technology inherited from Founder Group accumulated for over 30 years, contribute to the Company’s profound and solid technological foundation, powerful capacity for industrialization, well-developed marketing networks and trade channels. With a formidable competitive edge, the Company is the actual leader of digital publishing and a forceful pioneer of the future digital new media market.

(四)      公司所拥有的市场份额

 (IV) Market share of the Company


The Company is an uncontested leader in digital publishing and circulation technology solutions, accounting for over 80% China’s domestic market share, and some 40% the e-book market share. For its comparatively short time on market, database products have very powerful competitive strength, and it is predicted that by 2008 it will see a market share of over 50%.

(五)      各项产品毛利

(V) Gross profits for the products


    The average gross profit for the Company’s digital content products stays somewhere around 50%, and for its software products, the average gross profit can reach as high as 80%.


三、         公司主要法律文件

III. Main legal documents of the Company

(一)        公司营业执照

(I)  Business License of the Company


    (II) Certificate of Approved New & Hi-tech Enterprise


(III) Certificate of Software Enterprise


(IV) Certificate of Foreign-invested Enterprise


(V) Publishing License


Organization Code Certificate


 (VI) Subsidiary and affiliated companies of the Company


 (I) On the list of all the subsidiary and affiliate companies of the Company and company with 10% or more shareholdings in the Company, the main business and capital structures of these companies are specified.


1. Beijing Founder Electronics Press


Register capital: one million yuan


Shareholder unit: Beijing Founder Group Co., Ltd


Business scope: Publishing of electronic publication of science and technology, culture and entertainment, social life and education, and etc; sale and mail delivery of open published copyrighted e-publications; technological development, service and training in term of electronic publication; information consultation (exclusive of intermediary services); and sale of computers and peripheral equipment.



Currently, Beijing Founder Electronics Press, managed by the Company upon entrustment of Beijing Founder Group Co., Ltd, provides the Company with appropriate publication qualifications for dealing in digital publishing. The Company has a plan to restructure it into an organization substantially controlled by the Company.





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