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Dr. James D. Hoeschele,


It was a pleasure to meet you and hear your report about Dr. Barnet Rosenberg in Veronaat the 11th ISPCC.


Over the years, we have great respect for you and your colleagues to invent Carboplatin. Carboplatin saved the lives of countless cancer patients and relieved their pain, which is supreme.


The development of science includes heritance and innovation. Carboplatin is another treasure developed on the basis of Cisplatin. Thousands of kinds of Platinum complex are produced based on the Carboplatin; however, nearly none of their effects surpasses Carboplatin, because everyone’s design philosophy is limited to the covalent bond category.


The four hydrogen bonds of Dicycloplatin determine its good water solubility and water stability. Dicycloplatin can cross the blood-brain barrier to reach the brain; it can cross Prostate lipid membrane to reach Prostate as well as cross periosteum to reach the bone, especially giving highlights to prostatic cancer. The cure rate of single drug Dicycloplatin for late prostate cancer can reach 70%.


The key point of the structure of Dicycloplatin is the four hydrogen bonds and it conforms to the principle proposed by the founder of chemistry Linns Pauling in the 1940s that the importance of hydrogen bond to Physiology will surpass any other single structural factor. In addition, Pauling also proposed the principle of hydrogen bond maximization. Pauling held that although hydrogen bond was not strong; however, it would be of great importance in determination of material properties. Since both the bond energy of the hydrogen bond and the activation energy for formation and break of hydrogen bond were low, hydrogen bond may be especially suitable for the reaction conducted under normal temperature (note: suitable for human body temperature). Human beings came to realize that hydrogen bond determined the natural protein shapes.” “I believe that as the further application of structural chemistry into the research of physical problems, it will be certainly found that the importance of hydrogen bond to Physiology surpasses any other single structural factor.”


For more than 70 years, people have always been in the pursuit of synthetic hydrogen bond supramolecular drugs. Dicycloplatin satisfied the desires of such masters as L. Pauling and Max Delbrück, etc. supermolecule has identifiability and selectivity and it can be self-consistent and complementary to the hydrogen bonds of the four basic groups of DNA; as such, it is the real genotoxic drug. The invention i.e. Dicycloplatin complex has selectivity and guidance quality and the scientific concept that it can block the abnormal cells of DNA without harming normal cells of the same, which shall be demonstrated through more extensive experiments.

Please advise.


Our group photos are hereby attached for good memory and we welcome you to come toBeijingat your convenience.


Yours truly,


Yang Xuqing


Dated this 22nd day of November, 2012









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